St Nicholas Church & Community Centre

Why change the church?

Problems in the church building

Like many churches in small villages with low congregation numbers, our church is at risk of closure.  At the same time, with no public meeting place, shop or bus service, it is more difficult to create a sense of community within the village.  The St Nicholas Church and Community Centre project aims to solve both problems. That is, improve the wellbeing of the village residents and make the church more sustainable into the future.


The project also addresses some of the problems of the church building, which was last refurbished in 1881, such as:-

  • the pew platforms, introduced at that stage, are now collapsing and there is some woodworm and dry rot
  • the church has some serious leaks in the roof which have caused parts of the ceiling to collapse
  • there is evidence of death watch beetle
  • there is no effective heating
  • the Victorian pews are uncomfortable and prevent other events, public and private from taking place
  • a second door, in the vestry was blocked up in 1881 and, for safety reasons, needs to be reopened
  • there is no loo!!
  • the church is unwelcoming

If we do nothing the church will remain under constant threat of closure.  Fixing the leaky roof will ‘discourage’ the death watch beetles and replacing the pews and platforms with a new floor will remove the dry rot and woodworm.  Adding the loo (with baby-changing unit) and servery will make the church far more welcoming and, in this way, our project wins both for the village and the congregation.