St Nicholas Church & Community Centre

The Project

The Project

Our aim is for a community centre or village hall that will still be able to be used as a place of worship by the congregation.   The church nave (see diagram) will become a large open plan space where all types of events can take place.  The first step was to remove the nave pews and their platforms.   These will be replaced by high quality stackable chairs.  The replacement floor, including the entrance porch, will be all at the same level, making it wheelchair friendly.  Once this was done a disabled toilet with baby changing facilities was added, a modern heating system installed and a servery added.   Once open, the space will be available for all types of village events from public parish council meetings to private parties, concerts, talks, exhibitions, coffee mornings and ‘village market’ events.   There will need to be a charge for heating, cleaning and electricity, as well as a small profit for the church to help with building maintenance.  In this way, the church will be self-sustaining and free from the threat of closure. 

Our plans have been quite badly affected by the Coronavirus – in short, this delayed the start and meant that we had to concentrate on fixing the roof.  Interior work started in January 2021, and has proceeded as best we can under the circumstances.   The virus has meant the unavailability of workmen, shortage of supplies and our lead contractor being diverted onto making schools safe for the return of pupils.

The Project so far

The project plans were drawn up by a specialist church architect in 2014 after much soul-searching by the then project team.    Unfortunately applications for grant funding were unsuccessful and the project abandoned when the church future looked in serious doubt.  However . . . . more

Phases of the Project

By planning the upgrade to the church in phases, it will be possible to start the project before all the monies are raised, and to make more use of the church before all the phases are complete.  There are 5 phases currently defined – please click here for more detail

The Project Team

The Project Team was set up in 2019 and has been working ever since towards creating a community space for the village.

Please click here to see who is in the team and what their particular responsibilities are.