St Nicholas Church & Community Centre Project

The Survey

About the Survey

To finance the St Nicholas Community Centre, the Project Team is applying for grants.  Some grant-giving bodies request details on how much support the project has from the local community and one of the simplest ways to show that we have support is to conduct a survey.

We will be coming to your house with our short survey, to explain briefly what/why we are doing the project and to ask for your support.  You do not have to give your name if you prefer to remain anonymous and the results that we supply to potential grant-givers, and what we publish on the website, will be the accumulated results of the survey.


Due to Covid and lockdown we were unable to complete the survey.  Only a couple of dozen surveys forms were done out of the entire village.  The results from these surveys were very much in support of the project, but we feel that it would not be fair to publish the results from such a limited sample.  Anybody wishing to see the collective results can contact the project team.