St Nicholas Church & Community Centre

The Project so far

The start of the project in 2009 

The project started in about 2009, and plans were drawn up by a specialist church architect in 2014, after much soul-searching by the then project team.    Unfortunately, although permissions were obtained from the church, applications for grant funding were unsuccessful and the project abandoned when the church future looked in serious doubt.

Project 2019

The project was resurrected in 2019 and was able, immediately, to build on the excellent work done by the earlier project team.   The church permission (Faculty) was re-newed in Dec 2019 and is valid until September 2021.  This included permission to proceed with the upgrade according to the 2014 drawings and refurbish the organ. Organ details will follow soon.

The Quinquennial (5 yr!) Review

One of the first tasks of the project team was to commission a ‘Quinquennial Review’.  This is a 5 yearly inspection of the church fabric and was completed in April 2019.  This showed that although the building fabric was generally sound, there were serious concerns about the roof.

Repairing the roof

The project team set about raising funds for the roof repairs and were given a tremendous boost when Rutland Historic Churches Trust came forward with a grant of £10,000.  This was matched by a grant of £10,000 from the Friends of St Nicholas (Details here).

Over the next months, grants have come in from a number of organisations – please click here for details of funds raised

This page will be updated regularly as the project proceeds and building and repair work start in the church

Update 14th September 2020

We have now got clearance from the Bat Conservation Trust to carry out the roof works. More details are on the Bats page.  We have engaged a contractor (Messenger Ltd) and the work will start during the week of 12th October and last 10 weeks.


The FCC Community Fund grant, when added to the other funds raised means we now have £205,000 towards the project.  Our target has, unfortunately, had to be increased to £240,000 as a result of the tender process.  However, it does mean that we can start on the main part of the project, to transform the church into a community hub for the whole church – we’re hoping for early January 2021.