Project Phase 5

Install a servery, including cupboards, to allow for basic catering.

Phase 5

Phase 5 of the project  is to install a servery in the North West corner of the Nave, ie at the back right hand side of the Nave when looking from the Altar.  It will be able to be covered so that it is not visible during services and events where catering is not required.

It will comprise a work surface, sink, washing machine and cupboards and there will be a water heater for preparing hot drinks.  Facilties for cooking/heating have not yet been finalised, but it is likely to include a microwave.

More deatails to follow.

During Phase 5, the old vestry door, which was blocked off during the last refurbishment in 1881, will be reopened and used as an emergency exit.

See below the old Vestry door from the outside.

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Ongoing Maintenance

The ongoing maintenance phase will run in paralle to the other phases and includes roof and ceiling repair, installing accesss points for our bats and re-decorating