Project Phase 3

Installation of the long-awaited loo!

Phase 3

What we have all been waiting for – a loo!

The loo will be installed in what was the vestry (North West corner of the church) – it will be uni-sex and also have baby changing facilites.

As there is currently no sewerage service to the church, this will be quite expensive.  Currently, the only water supply is a tap at the back of the church, so much work will be needed.  We did investigate having an earth closet type loo in the graveyard, but after research we found this not to be practical.

Further information will be made available here when we have all the details.

Links to the next phases

Phase 4

During Pase 4 a proper heating system will be installed to replace the current ad hoc use of stand alone heaters.

Phase 5

Phase 5 is to install a servery, including cupboards, to allow for basic catering.  The old vestry door will also be re-opened during this phase.

Ongoing Maintenance

The ongoing maintenance phase will run in paralle to the other phases and includes roof and ceiling repair, installing accesss points for our bats and re-decorating