Project Phase 2A

Removal of the nave pews and installation of a wood floor

Phase 2A

During Phase 2A of the project the 4 blocks of Victorian Pews in the Nave will be removed.  There is a possibility that a few of them will be used around the perimeter in the building later.  We will raise money by selling the ones definitely not required.  The platforms on which the pews are standing will also be removed.

A new oak floor will be installed.  This new floor will be at the height of the existing floor in the chancel (the bit where the choir sit!).  The new floor will be the same level all over the church, including the current area of the Vestry.  A wheelchair-friendly slope will cover the height difference between the porch and the nave.  The new arrangement will make the church easy for disabled access.

In order to install the new floor, the font will be temporarily removed.  It is due to be re-positioned, to near the window where the organ currently stands, once the new floor is done.

During Phase 2A, the organ will be removed from the church and go to be refurbished and stored.  It too is being relocated on its return once the new floor is complete.

The majority of the Elizabethan pews in the transepts will stay in their current positions, but the front pew in the North transept will temporarily be removed.  On completion of the floor, it will be relocated to the same area as the font.  It will be placed along the wall under the pretty stained-glass window.

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Phase 2B

Phase 3 is to return the organ to the church in its new position and to relocate the font to its new position.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is the installation of a much needed loo!  This will be a disabled loo with baby changing facilities and will be in what is currently the Vestry.

Phase 4

During Phase 4 a proper heating system will be installed to replace the current ad hoc use of stand alone heaters.