St Nicholas Church & Community Centre Project

Funds Raised

Raising money from grant-giving bodies


Since the resurrection in 2019 the project team (well – actually the Chairman) has been working tirelessly to try to raise funds from various grant-giving organisations.  His hard work has resulted in 14 grants being made available ranging from a few hundred pounds to £100,000.  Some of these are for specific parts of the project, for example, the roof, flooring etc, and some are more general for the whole project. 

The FCC Community Fund grant of £100,000 was by far the largest and, when added to the other funds raised, means we now have commitments amounting to £242,000 plus further grants and donations towards the organ and chairs.   This enabled us to start on the roof in October 2020 and start on the interior of the church in January 2021. 

This is a very special thank you to all of those who have donated and to the grant giving bodies. 

Please see below for the monies raised.  If you would like to know more about each organisation, please click on the logo and it will link you to their website

A special word about the £100,000 grant from FCC Communities Fund 

As part of the grant conditions, the village had to raise £10,750 in landfill tax to enable us to accept the £100,000 from FCC Communities Trust (see below).  This was partially thanks to individual donations from (in alphabetic order):-

Toni and Janet Bianchi, Sarah Cardew, Heather Day, Jane Ferguson, The Fosters, Harker Family, The Harrisons, Leefe Family, Jill Lessey, Steve Ottridge & Val Forbes, The Pattisons, Tim Seal, G & S Sleeman, Gideon & Trudie Visser

We thank you for your generosity.

A huge thank you to all our sponsors

We would like to thank all our sponsors for donating money to our project. Their gift to both the Stretton Community and the church building itself will mean so much to us and to all future residents of Stretton.  Thank You.

We would like to thank The FCC Community Foundation for awarding us a grant of £100,000 towards our project.  More details about this grant and how it will be used will be posted shortly.


Mick George Community Fund

We would like to give special thanks to our local Sponsor who has donated £35,000 to our project.

This donation has given us enough funding to make a start on the project.  Please see our Project Phases page to see where we start.

Thank you.

In order to get this grant it was necessary for for the village to donate 11% as a lump sum. This amount was donated by the Leefe family in memory of John’s parents John and Sybil Leefe who lived in the village for many years.

Allchurches Trust

has donated £4,025

Church Building Council

has donated £5,000

John Warren Foundation

has donated £2,000

Francis Coales Charitable Foundation

has donated £4,000

Beatrice Laing Trust

have donated £5,000

Jack Patston Trust

have donated £3,500
for roof repairs

Maud Elkington Charitable Trust

have donated £1,500

Rutland Historic Churches Preservation Trust

have donated £10,000

Friends of St Nicholas

have donated £13,000

National Lottery Awards for All

 have donated £10,000

Garfield Weston Foundation

  have donated £15,000

Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation

  have donated £10,000

Stamford Stone

Goldholme Stone

Greetham Garage