St Nicholas Church & Community Centre Project

Our vision is to create a parish community centre by upgrading our church with modern amenities and flexible accommodation so that it is available to the wider community for public and private events as well as celebrating our heritage

Thanks to our fabulous sponsors we have reached our target and work has progressed throughout 2021.  We are documenting our progress as it happens with both text and pictures.

For further information see our Project Progress page as this exciting project progresses.

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Why change the Church??

Like many churches in small villages with low congregation numbers, our church  is at risk of closure.  At the same time, with no public meeting place, shop or bus service, it is more difficult to create a sense of community within the village.  The St Nicholas Church and Community Centre Project  aims to . . . more

The Project

The programme to upgrade the church has several elements or sub-projects including fixing the roof, installing a level floor,disabled loo, heating and servery.  For information relating to the project, its phases and the team, please click here.

Fund Raising

The cost of creating a community space is likely to be in the region of £250,000.  As well as our local fund raising efforts from fetes, concerts, nurdling, etc. we have received generous support from local businesses and local residents.  We have also successfully applied to 14 grant-giving bodies. Please click here for further details on fund raising.


We have several ‘albums’ in our gallery and will be adding more to show the ‘before’ , ‘during’ and ‘after’ of our community project.  If you have any photos in electronic form that we could publish, please do let us have them.  Click here to see pictures.

Church History

St Nicholas Church is Stretton is said to be the oldest church in Rutland and has a facinating history.  From 1076 to the present day there is evidence of Christianity on the site, although the first building was recorded as being granted to the Knights Templar in 1185.  To find out more about the history of St Nicholas and the heritage of the Stretton area, click here.





We are looking for help in the project, both financial and practical.  Please click here for further information as to how you can become involved.

Additionally we are conducting a survey in the village to canvas support.  The survey and results can be seen in this section.

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